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Etsy Find: Neon Love


Have you ever entered a giveaway on a blog, and then decided that you wanted it so much, you would just buy it immediately instead? Me neither – until tonight! These Neon Faux Feather earrings are the perfect pop to a spring outfit..

I was impressed that she’s offering free shipping to the US and Canada, and figured I would have to suck it up for my international shipping – but it was only $1 to ship to Italy! I started off as curious about how much I would actually need to spend, but that sealed the deal and sent me straight to the check-out button. Enter the giveaway on The Brightside Project, or if you have to have them like I did, visit the Love Sexton Etsy Store.

Why didn’t I just wait to see if I won the giveaway first? Well there are plenty of colors so I’d be happy to add a seafoam and lilac purple to the turquoise and electric pink that I chose! They’re going to go great with¬† my new haircut and color…


Which color is your favorite? Would you get a matching pair or mix & match like I did?

Excuse me while I go anxiously check the mail…


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  1. Sandy a la Mode

    love those earrings! now i want a pair! :D

    1. Krista

      Aren’t they great?! On sale and free shipping too :)

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