Audrey Hepburn Pixie Cut

Pixie Cuts


Lately I’ve been thinking about going for short hair. It always happens the same way – my hair gets super long and I love it, until I see a cute short cut and think “well, one day, when I’m tired of long hair, but not for a while.” Then “a while” gets closer and closer as I eventually start thinking more seriously, doing a couple google searches, and -most recently- making pinterest boards ;)

I decided I wanted to try it, but that I didn’t have the guts to go from mid-back length right to pixie, so I went for a bob as a sort of warm-up mid-step. But now I can’t stop noticing gorgeous pixie cuts and thinking about how much fun its going to be! I kind of wish I had just gone for it (and soon I will be)

What do you think of pixie cuts, would you ever go for the chop?? I’m so excited!


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  1. Taylor

    i think someone has to really have the right facial shape, cheekbones and everything! i could see you pulling it off! i love the last ‘do with michelle williams. love how slick yet cute chic it is. i hope you find a perfect balance for yourself!!

    1. Krista Ricchi

      thanks, the last one is actually the one I’m going to take into the salon! ;)

  2. Anonymous

    I say do it! I’m going to soon. My reasoning is because i’m 20 and have plenty of time to grow it back :)) It’s been long and brown for pretty much my whole life and my husband is all for it. Your hair is already at bob length so it wont take too long to grow it back out if you don’t like it. Good luck!!! :))

  3. Anonymous

    Do it:) I am thinking of doing it too, I am a little scared though, cause I’m not sure if that would suit me:) But I think if bob suits you, then pixie will suit you too, or even more:)

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