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In the past months I’ve started wearing something that I haven’t included in my wardrobe since I was about eight years old. The only watches I can remember in my life are a digital Hello Kitty watch, and a pocket watch shaped like a turtle that never worked. Like many people about my age, I’ve been using my cell phone to tell time since before we could imagine all the other things that smart phones would come to replace. The watch that finally won a spot on my wrist is the Jord Wood Watch.

When I was given the chance to choose one wood watch, deciding between all of their striking models was a little more difficult than I expected. I would think that a wood watch would be a niche product that only suits a certain style, but with a wide range of wood colors, face displays, and metal details there is a watch for every taste. The Delmar and 94A series have a square face and are reminiscent of a digital watch you might have owned in the 80’s, while the Fieldcrest and Frankie Series speak to your inner minimalist.

I decided to go with the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch. The color of the wood paired with rose gold won me over, and I liked the gear detail on the face.

Jord ships worldwide, so there was no problem send it here to Italy. The international shipping was quick and reliable. In a few weeks I signed for my wood watch, and was pleasantly surprised that it came wrapped around a little herringbone pillow inside a wooden box. Opening the package to this thoughtful presentation definitely made my morning!


jord wood watch packaging


I was also glad to see that it came with an extra wooden link. When I had measured my wrist to place the order I was a bit nervous about how it would fit. I decided to err on the side of precision and was happy to find that it fit snugly but not too tight. Still, I like having an extra link in case I decide that I would like it to fit a bit more loosely, or in case of any future damage. I don’t predict any damage to the wooden pieces any time soon though. I’ve been wearing my wood watch for about two months now and it is very durable. My 8-month old daughter likes to fiddle with it and so far hasn’t managed to cause any harm. Clearly this isn’t meant to measure how deep you can dive, but it is water resistant. I forgot once to take it off when running a bath for my daughter and it survived that little act of negligence in perfect working condition.


jord wood watch outfit


Ultimately I love the smooth feel and light weight of the wood. A watch is a classic accessory, but the wood is a unique touch that adds to the outfit and is an eye-catching conversation piece.

Full disclosure though, I still check the time on my phone.


*Jord generously offered me one free watch for sincere review*

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  1. taylor

    your choice with the rose gold was clearly a good one! i love the styling, it looks great with a grey sweater :) hope all is well with you in beautiful firenze.

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