All You Can Eat Sushi In Florence

All You Can Eat Sushi at Aji Tei


I’ve written about all-you-can-eat sushi in Florence before, and lots of Japanese restaurants are starting to do this at least a few days a week, but Aji Tei is by far my favorite of the all-you-can-eat options for Sushi in Florence. It’s great quality (espeically considering that it isn’t even the most expensive around) and quick service too. The all you can eat price of 26 euro (28 on weekends) lets you choose from the whole menu – no limited menu full of cheap rice-heavy stuff here! They have a few of your standard rolls, like the dragon roll pictured on the right below, as well as some unique creations of their own. Below on the left is the “Tonno Tartufato,” or “Truffled Tuna” roll. I have a soft spot for truffle but I never would have thought to use it with sushi!

Tips for Eating at Aji Tei in Florence:

Reservations are recommended, especially on the weekends, and we like to go early before it gets crowded – that way we know our order will come out fast! When the place gets busy the orders can get backed up and if you’re putting in your second or third order (it happens) it might take a while. All the more time for drinking green tea!

Aji Tei

Viale Spartico Lavagnini 38/a
Phone: 055 – 476100
Hours: 12:00pm – 2:45pm
19:00 – 23:45
(Closed Mondays)