Aperitivo Ad Arte Uffizi

Aperitivo ad Arte at the Uffizi

Aperitivo Ad Arte Uffizi

Starting last week the Uffizi museum is hosting an evening Aperitivo! Thursdays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm you can enjoy a spritz or a glass of prosecco with a buffet of appetizers in the cafè of the Uffizi.

I made plans to go last week with a few friends, and since it was recommend to make reservations I tried to call ahead of time to reserve a few tickets for us. Unfortunately they were all sold out, so I tried to make reservations for a later week. Nope – all sold old for the entire period that the Aperitivo is offered! I guess lots of other people were just as excited about the event as I was. The woman on the phone was very helpful however, and suggested that we pass by anyway to see if we could get in. Since we really did have our hearts set on it, we went at 7:30 to try our luck. It was actually much easier than we thought! We waited in line for five to ten minutes and went straight in.


aperitivo ad arte uffizi museum


Aperitivo and a beautiful sunset at the Uffizi on a warm spring evening

It was a bit busy at the bar, but it didn’t take too long to order our drinks. The view of the sunset over the city of Florence was beautiful. Have you ever seen the Loggia dei Lanzi with all the statues in Piazza Signoria? On top of that people are having coffee and snacks overlooking the city! There was a DJ playing fun music and overall the atmosphere was lively and refreshing, full of Florentines and foreigners alike enjoying the opportunity to spend the evening experiencing The Uffizi and the beautiful view of Florence in a unique way.


aperitivo ad arte firenze


After enjoying our sunset drinks and chatting for a bit we took a walk through the new “Sale Blu” of the Uffizi, full of beautiful paintings from Spanish, French, Flemish, and Dutch artists.

I highly recommend going even if you don’t have a reservation. As word passes around I suspect that the line may get a bit longer, so you should arrive at 7:30 or maybe even a few minutes before.

I also heard that in August they will be doing the same thing in The Bargello, a museum that I (shamefully) haven’t gotten to yet because of its restrictive hours. I loved my experience at the Uffizi this past week so I’m looking forward to another chance to visit a museum like this. I admire the initiative that the city is taking to liven up the museum experience, and allow those of us who can’t take advantage of normal museum hours to enjoy all the culture that Florence has to offer!


Aperitivo ad Arte Uffzi

Dates: Every Thursday, May 24 – July 5
Hours: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Entrance fee: €10:
includes one drink, buffet and entrance to the new rooms of the Uffizi

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  1. brittany

    this sounds like so much fun! we were in florence in april and were so tired we didn’t even make it to the uffizi! hooow i wish i could go now. but florence was my favorite place ever for sure :)

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