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Aperitivo Spot: Sei Divino Wine Bar


One of my favorite places for a good aperitivo is Sei Divino. Its a place where you can immediately sense a passion for taste – in food, drink, and style. Across from the bar fresh flowers reflect themselves in the mirror next to a blue scooter that gets its character from its vintage, like the extensive wine collection displayed on the walls.

sei divino florence

Wine lovers will find an impressive selection of Italian and foreign wines, and cocktail lovers will be pleased with the expertly executed drinks. While its a great place for a Martini, or any other cocktail that requires a good bartender, I can never resist ordering a Spritz. Its hard to mess up a spritz, but there’s a big difference between pouring aperol and prosecco into a glass, and the Spritz that you’ll get at Sei Divino. You’ll always get a well-made basic Spritz, but they often add a special touch by varying the fresh fruit garnish. My favorite is when they add strips of lemon peel and a few mint leaves (Now you know where I got the idea to add this tip to my Spritz Recipe!)

sei divino wine bar

There isn’t the biggest variety of food of any aperitivo spot in Florence, but the buffet of finger foods is still quite nice. You can count on some chips, dips, small sandwiches, olives, and bread with a few spreads – like the pesto that I’ve been appreciating a bit too much recently. If you want a little something more, you can order a plate of fresh cheeses and meats, served with bread sticks and a marmalade or honey.

sei divino enoteca

Everything from suggesting a good wine, to making a cocktail or cheese plate is done with attention to detail and presentation. Its a great place to relax, especially in the summer when you can enjoy the comfy couches on the outdoor patio.


Sei Divino

Borgo Ognisanti 42/r
Telephone: +39 055 217791
Aperitivo: 7pm – 10pm

***************** UPDATE ****************


After a change of ownership, Sei Divino has reopened. Some details may have changed.

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