Pizzeria Toto Firenze

The Best Pizza By the Slice in Florence


Florence may not be the birthplace of Pizza (head south to Naples for that), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat some amazing pizza. Pizzeria Toto is by far my favorite place for “pizza a taglio,” pizza by the slice in Florence.


For a long time I saw this little corner pizzeria in Piazza Cimatori, and although I was always curious it took me a while to actually try it. When I finally did I found out what I had been missing out on! Its the perfect spot for a quick lunch and will only cost you a few euro (and the slices are really big!). You can get a slice or a whole pizza to take away or eat in (if you can find a seat – its small and can get crowded during peak lunch and dinner hours). For lunch I like to grab a slice and enjoy the sunshine in the tiny Piazza or take a walk.


pizza by the slice in florence
pizzeria toto firenze
pizza by the slice in florence


They also sell sandwiches with fresh cheese, meats and other typical ingredients, but I only have eyes ofr the pizza. They have lots of great options, but my two favorites are the “Fiorentina” with spicy salami and pecorino, and “Pesto e Pomodorini” (above) with pesto and cherry tomatos. They’ll happily reheat any slice for you, but since they’re always bringing out fresh pizzas, just grab a slice of whatever’s hot, or wait for a few minutes to see what comes out next!

Have you ever tried a slice from Totò? Where’s your favorite spot for an authentic Italian pizza?


Pizzeria Totò Florence

Via Dante Alighieri 28
Phone: 055 290406
Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm


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  1. Taylor

    this is so cheesy (no pun intended) but our group loooooved the o’ vesuvio pizzeria. it was deeelish! they also filmed jersey shore there, ick. but it was so delicious, we went twice. gotta come back to try your place! :)

    1. Krista Ricchi

      I love O’Vesuvio too! Its close to my house and I’ll definitely do a post about it soon. I don’t mind that they filmed Jershey Shore there.. they just wanted a little publicity :) The pizza is great and I’ve heard people that have lived in the south in or around Naples say that its the closest thing to authentic Neapolitan Pizza that they’ve ever had in Florene (Gusta Pizza is a contender too..)

  2. Morgan Stone

    I’m a pizza fanatic so I can only imagine how good the pizza is in Italy! Super jealous and I hope I’ll get to try it someday :)

  3. Angie Harding

    I agree with you, this wasn’t just the best pizza we had in Florence, it was the best pizza on our whole trip to Italy! Now I’m trying to recreate the pesto e pomodorini in my kitchen at home, so thank you for posting these pictures!

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