Bicycles In Florence

Florentine Bicycles in the Spring


Florence always has plenty of bikes, but in the Spring they come out of hibernation to soak up the sun on the sidewalks. Bike rides are a bit more pleasant in the Spring breeze, so its time for new coats of paint & new baskets to bring home flowers. Take a look at these pretty Bicycles in Florence:


bicycles in florence


Love the off-center decoupage on this wine box used as a bike basket! Simple & elegant



Either someone left their toy bike and door out on the sidewalk, or that window is huge.


flowers in bicycle basket


A nearby furniture store puts these bikes out with Spring flowers to bring a bit of attention to the shop. It worked on me!


What’s your favorite thing about Springtime in the city?


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  1. Taylor

    Krista I love this post! Bikes with baskets are so quaint and charming. The other day I had such fun going to the market with my bike – so Italian! I miss being able to either walk or ride to the conad grocery store in Siena. :)

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