Duomo In Florence Covered In Snow

Christmas in Florence


Ok, sure, Christmas is ancient history now, but I was in England for Christmas and have not been posting because of lack of internet at home. So, even though I’m sick and tired of cold weather, and can’t wait for spring and sunshine, here’s a quick look at the winter season in Florence – or more accurately, the one-day life-halting snow storm that happened in December. The beautiful photo above of the Duomo covered in snow was taken by good friend & lovely lady Ivka Markovic!


This photo of a bicycle left outside of a store shows how fast the snow actually fell!


photo by Annalisa Monti


Anyone who had to go anywhere using anything with wheels (bike, car, train, plane,) was cursing the snow, but since I live in the center and only needed my two feet I just enjoyed the beautifully transformed city, built a snowman, and avoided snowball fights.
Enjoy the rest of your winter everyone! Just a few more months to go..


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  1. J

    Florence w/ snow looks absolutely magical!

  2. TB

    It is beautiful! We haven’t had any snow here yet this winter, so I’m in spring-mode already. We’re supposed to get some on Sunday, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Brandi

    Just beautiful! I can’t wait to make it to Italy someday…

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