Fiat 500 In Florence

Classic Italian Style: The Fiat 500


From works of art and architecture, to products like olive oil and nutella, Italy’s strong cultural heritage means that it is full of things that are iconic and unequivocally Italian. Although there are a few cars that fall under this category (Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo) my personal favorite is the Fiat. Not just any Fiat of course, but the Fiat 500. From the 1950’s to 1970’s, the cinquecento (five hundred) was produced and marketed as a cheap practical town car. At about ten feet long, it makes the mini cooper look like a full-size sedan – seriously – I saw one here the other day and thought “WOW, that is huge,” which surprised me seeing as how it was the “cute little car” that I wanted in college. But I digress.

The Fiat 500 is iconic of classic vintage Italian style. That, and the fact that its sooo teensy mean that I love it.

White Fiat 500 Wedding Car

photo credit: Samuele Benelli
Which is why I used one in my wedding!
If you’re planning on coming to Florence, consider taking a tour with the 500 Touring Club. Every European city has private drivers, walking tours, and open top buses, but in Florence you have the unique opportunity to see the city and the countryside like a local in your very own Cinquecento.

Fiat 500s in Florence

images from 500 Touring Club
After scheduling a tour you’ll meet at the Villa on Via Gherardo Silvani, choose your car, take the wheel, and follow the leader! Audio commentary comes from the lead car, so you get all the information of a traditional tour, but with the fun vintage twist of driving your own Fiat.

Fiat 500s Tours in Florence

images from 500 Touring Club
The best part about the Touring 500 Club is the number of options you have. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all tour. It is completely customizable to your needs and interests. You can choose a classic tour, a private dinner in a 15th century villa, a picnic in the countryside, or a wine tasting in a Tuscan vineyard. You can hire the cars for private events and photo shoots, and if you have your own unique idea, they want to hear about that too!
Book your tour here! And if you’re not planning a trip to Florence, then just go check out more pictures of the classic Italian car in beautiful Tuscan scenerey.

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  1. Yoj

    Seeing these cars reminds me of Mr. Bean!

    They are darling though and you used one in your wedding! Was it to carry you and your new Mister off into the sunset? Romance!!

  2. Brandi

    Those cars are super cute — I can see why you used one in your wedding! And I love the idea of a little line of cars driving around the countryside. That must be so much fun.

  3. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    What a cool wedding card! Wish we used a classic car for the wedding – that was one detail that fell through the cracks though my mom’s friend had a fancy Mercedes and gave us a lift!

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