Dining Alla Fiorentina: Kome

Website: http://www.komefirenze.it
Address: via dei Benci 41r
Phone Number: +39 055 246 6723

What Italy does best is Italian food. Ask any Italian what their favorite food is, and they’ll say “pasta” looking a bit confused as to why you’re asking such an obvious question. Times are changing though, and international flavors are making their way into the city of Florence. For adventurous Italians, and for an American used to having within driving distance any ethnic restaurant I could dream of, this is a very welcome change.

Kome is one of the better japanese restaurants in the center of Florence. Its a little expensive and definitely a special-occasion kind of place, which is why I believe I had blocked from my memory just how much I enjoyed it. Well, my memory was refreshed this week.

japanese style bbq
The restaurant is divided into three levels – a rotating sushi belt on the ground floor, an event space on the level below, and the Yakiniku, or Japanese BBQ, on the floor above – where we sat. We started with a plate of mixed sushi (the first picture), and then ordered the large Yakiniku samplers of meat and seafood.

yakiniku shrimp fish
The meat was tender and flavorful, with the beef marinated in something yummy, while the seafood was simply fresh and delicious. They came with peanut dipping sauces that we spread on the leaves of lettuce to make little bite-sized rolls of heaven. I didn’t take pictures of the sauces, deserts, or sake and plum wine, because I was too busy enjoying my meal. You’re lucky I kept my appetite at bay long enough to take these ones!

Kome is a perfect place to go when you’ve been in Florence for a while, and you need a break from Pasta and Chianti. I know it seems impossible to get sick of Italian food, and it does take quite a while, but it does eventually happen. Everyone’s tastebuds need a little exotic vacation once in a while!

If my pictures weren’t enough for you, check out their website’s gallery, or browse the menu

Buon Appetito!

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  1. Joelle

    I just ate lunch, but you’re making me hungry again…

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day friend. I’ll be doing Happy Hour tomorrow, so be sure to come play :)


  2. this is me.

    that looks sooo delicious!

  3. TB

    Oh man, I want sushi now. I know what The Hubby and I are going to eat on our next date!

  4. Carol

    I’ve only been back in Italy 3 weeks now, but I couldn’t resist getting an amazing bbq burger at Cafe Deluxe yesterday! We hardly ever eat out (and certainly sushi is not a a taste I have aquired yet) but I know what you mean about needing a little something different now and then besides pasta :) Great review!

  5. Jessica

    That sushi looks incredible!!! Next time I come to visit you, ok??? :-)

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