Firenze Gelato Festival

Firenze Gelato Festival: March 23-27


There’s lots of talk about the third annual Firenze Gelato Festival this weekend, and not all of it is good. There are plenty interesting events and as always, great gelato. Whats not to love about Florentine Piazzas filled with stands of delicious gelato?

The Gelato Card, available for purchase at stands in the piazzas, costs €15 and includes 5 tastings, one ‘gelato cocktail,’ some free items like a tote bag, biodegradable cup, waffles and a balloon, as well as entrance to various demonstrations and exhibitions.

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me its the end of month when my budget tends to get thin and I just can’t justify €15 for an afternoon of gelato tasting, especially when there are plenty of amazing gelaterias around town where I can enjoy a big cone for about €2. I can see how everything thats included might justify the price tag, but I miss the 5 and 6 euro tasting cards of the past two years. I think I a better idea would have been to offer a simple €5 card with some tastings and then another Deluxe card for those who want tote bags and balloons.

Personally, as much as I like tote bags, I’d prefer to just buy a cone for one euro and take a walk around to enjoy the scenery. If you want to test out the card to see if its worth it, you’re on your own!

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  1. Taylor

    I wish I could go gelato tasting with you!!! One year ago, to this day, I was in firenze ! Miss it more with each passing moment! Enjoy a frutti di bosco con cioccolato for me :)))

  2. ggnitaly84

    Krista, I could NOT agree with you more, I was just talking about this the other day with friends. I think 15 euros is actually quite a bit of money when your on a budget and they really should have had different price options, if they expected locals to come. When I walked through piazza della repubblica, I actually thought the tasting card was only 6 euros due to the advertising but then I realized that was just for the “refill”. We ended up just going to geleteria dei neri and spending 1.80 for a great gelato..

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