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Firenze4Ever 2012: Fashion, Food & Music in Firenze



Yesterday I spent the day on the beach in Viareggio, and when I went to check train times back to Florence on my phone, I found out that I had plans for the night! Fashiolista had emailed me saying that I won two tickets to Firenze4ever, a yearly fashion event by Luisa Via Roma, by retweeting one of their tweets earlier in the week! Its definitely the fashion blogging event of the year in Florence, not that I’m a fashion blogger, but I do follow a few of the bloggers in attendance, like Chiara Ferragni, so I was pretty excited! I hopped on the train back to Florence, showered off the salt and sand, and tried to find something to wear.

Firenze4Ever event Florence

My last-minute outfit for the night was a black dress, turquoise belt, red Louis Vuitton purse, and jewel sandals.

dancers at firenze4ever
The venue, Nuovo Teatre dell’Opera, was an impressive rooftop with views of the city. We had a few cocktails, watched performances by Neimo and and Misty Rabbit, and enjoyed the warm June night. The highlight of the evening for me was the surprise dance performance in the middle of the stairs!

florence fashion event

It was quite an experience, so thanks to Fashiolista and Luisa Via Roma for a great night!



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    Nice pictures. I am also fond of music. I think that you have enjoyed a lot there. Isn’t it?

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