Yoga Retreat In Florence Italy

Five Senses Yoga Retreat in Florence

I’m going on my fifth month of  Yoga classes with Shari now, and anyone who knows my past history of commitment to excercise will know how much credit goes to Shari for this! For those of you who don’t know me – the answer is a lot.

I’m looking forward to a yoga-filled summer, and just last week Shari told me about her new project that will make it even more amazing. For any yogis who will be in Florence this July – or for anyone who needs that one extra reason to plan a trip – I’m excited to tell you all about the first ever Five Senses Yoga Retreat in Florence!

Shari has plenty of experience with great Yoga retreats, having created Sole Yoga Holidays. She’s teamed up with friend and fellow-yoga instructor Erin Lewis (owner of Eat.Pray.Move Yoga Retreats) to put together an unbeatable 5-day itinerary designed to stimulate all the senses. I can’t help but think that Florence is absolutely the perfect city for this. Turn down any given street here and you’ll be surprised with a hidden garden, a striking frescoe, or an unexptected style of architecture. All these beautiful scenes seem to have almost occured naturally, just waiting to delight the senses of a casual passerby. Imagine five days in a place like this, complete with daily yoga and meditation, wine tasting, a spa day, cooking class, and of course plenty of lunches, dinners, and aperitivi.

I took a look at the Week’s Schedule on the Five Senses Yoga Retreat website, and I think Wednesday is my favorite day: An aromatherapy massage followed by creating a personalized scent at a Florentine perfumery would make for an amazing day, but add on top of all that a wine tasting and I’m sold!

For more details and to reserve your spot (at 10 guests maximum I imagine this will fill up fast) visit the Five Senses Yoga Retreat Website. Sign up before the end of April and get 100 Euro off!

five senses yoga retreat in florence italy


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  1. jillian

    this sounds SO amazing! i hope you love it! xo jillian

    1. Krista

      Thanks Jillian! Hopefully it’ll become an annual event and you can come join me someday :)

  2. Erin :: EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Holiday Retreats

    Hi Krista! Thanks so much for writing about our Five Senses retreat! We can’t wait to premier this collaboration this summer and hope it to be an annual event! <3

    1. Krista

      My pleasure Erin! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  3. Claire

    I have to confess: I’m dying to try yoga. I’ve never done it… shame on me!
    I wish I could come to Florence and attend the Five Senses Yoga Retreat. It sounds amazing. I’ll be checking your blog for updates.

    I really like your writing style and I’m interested in seeing Florence from an American perspective. :-)

    1. Krista

      Thanks Claire! So glad to hear that you like my blog and I hope you enjoy future posts :)
      You should definitely try yoga, it’s awesome! Maybe I’ll see you one day on a yoga retreat here in Florence ;)

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