Florence Instagram Accounts To Follow

Florence Instagramers To Follow


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that aside from some coffee, cats and baby Zoe cameos, my favorite subject is Florence. Wherever you live, it’s easy to get busy and stop noticing the beautiful things around you (yes – it even happens when you live in a city like Florence), and Instagram gives me a reason to keep appreciating the beauty. While scrolling through my feed can transport me to other parts of the world, I also like to follow other people in Florence to see my city through someone else’s eyes.

These are some of my favorite Florence-based Instagramers that I highly recommend following:


Nardia @_lostinflorence

Nardia is the creator of the gorgeous blog Lost in Florence, and her dreamy photos of Florence and the surrounding countryside are what wanderlust is made of!


Georgette @girlinflorence

Georgette is the author of the must-read blog Girl in Florence, and her Instagram feed is a font-row seat to the best events and hottest spots around Florence. Appearances by @ginger_artdog are an added bonus!


Coral @curiousappetite

For the best of Florence’s incredible culinary scene, don’t miss Coral’s blog Curious Appetite, and her Instagram full of the most delicious foodie finds in Florence!


Alexandra @arttrav

Art is everywhere in Florence, but Alexandra’s photos aren’t your predictable duomo shots. Follow her for a peek into art & cultural events in Florence! Also take a look at her blog, Arttrav

Peek-a-boo #instasammezzano #yellowdress #tuscany Una foto pubblicata da Alexandra Korey (@arttrav) in data:


Kevin @_kevinangel_

I love how Kevin incorporates people in his gorgeous shots of Florence. It’s easy to take a pretty picture of Florence, but to include loitering locals and swarming tourists takes real talent and results in photos that capture not just the beauty but the soul of Florence.

Lo stile di Firenze N°016 #lostiledifirenze

Una foto pubblicata da Kevin Angel (@_kevinangel_) in data:


Alexandra @italyalexandra

Alexandra is my favorite tour guide in Florence and has an eye for the beautiful moments that crop up all around the city. Follow her for an inside look at local life as well as the museums and galleries of Florence!

  Florence, I’ll take you even if you are old, crackling, crumbling, and falling apart. #florence #firenze #igersfirenze #igerstoscana #exploreflorence   Una foto pubblicata da Alexandra Lawrence (@italyalexandra055) in data:


Marina @mariinadenisova

Marina’s photography with it’s bright light and muted colors are a welcome break from the the usual burnt Tuscan tones. She has a refreshingly modern take on Florence, with a healthy dose of Coffee shots (pun intended), which I always enjoy.

Hey there! ✌️ This pretty little baby needs a cool strap, any suggestions? #VSCOcam #yashica

Una foto pubblicata da ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Marina (@mariinadenisova) in data:


Marcela @hashtagitaly

Marcela is a Brazilian architect/blogger/photographer who is as equally adept at capturing Renaissance streetscapes as she is at creating beautiful portraits. Vacation photo session anyone??


Olga @olgamakarovaphoto

Olga is a versatile photographer in Florence who creates elegant landscape, portrait, fashion, and wedding photos. Ethereal and sun-soaked, if you’ve never dreamed of having a wedding in Italy, these Instagrams will change that!

I have so many nice photos which I would like to share. Today I have mood for Justine winter photoshoot, Florence winter?

Una foto pubblicata da Olga Makarova (@omakarovaphoto) in data:


This past week I’ve been posting from the @CreativePeopleInFlorence Instagram account (thanks for the nomination, Georgette!). It’s curated by a new local each week, and is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the lives and creations of Florence artists, craftspeople, and creative professionals. For next week I’ve nominated Marcela of @hashtagitaly!


Florence has a rich and lively Instagram community, and I could go on forever with these. I’m looking forward to meeting the people behind the Instagrams on Saturday, October 3rd for the Instameet in Piazza Santa Maria Novella at 3pm – If you’re in town, come join in!