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Florence has a long rich history of contemporary culture homages. Hannibal and Assassin’s Creed come immediately to mind (clearly Florence has gone through a couple of violent patches), and the latest of these is Dan Brown’s Inferno. There’s something about reading a popular book set in your home city that’s exciting. Seeing it through new eyes, although creative liberties are definitely taken, brings it into a new light and takes me back to a time when it was new and exciting for me too.

It’s arguably an even better feeling to visit the setting of one of your favorite books for the first time, which is why Florence Inferno Tours are popping up left and right. If you’re one that prefers to DIY your vacation, I suggest downloading the Inferno Florence Guide App.


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Whether you’re just interested in exploring the backdrop of Dan Brown’s Inferno to learn more about Florence and separate fact from fiction, or you’re planning a trip here soon, the Inferno Florence Guide is the perfect tool. There is an interactive map with 31 points of interest, each one complete with the passage from the book where it’s mentioned as well as historically accurate information, and other useful information such as opening times and ticket prices. You can plug-in your earphones and use the audio guide, or just read the text.

While you can use the interactive map to help you on your DIY walking tour, it can also be used 100% offline, so you won’t have to worry if finding wi-fi proves tricky. Either way you’ll have all the information you’ll need about the points of interest mentioned in the book, and you can go at your own pace, choosing the sites that interest you the most.

The Florence Inferno Guide is a collaboration of The Florentine and D’Uva Workshop and is available for iPhone ($2.99) and Android ($2.69)


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