Monkey Bar Florence

Monkey Bar The Movie, Starring Monkey Bar Florence


It would be hard for me to write an unbiased review of the place in Florence that I frequent most. I could write that it has a laid back yet lively atmosphere, that its full of personality and Lorenzo and Freddy make great drinks (if ususually a bit strong – not that I’m complaining) and will make you feel even whilst surrounded by monkeys and bannanas, that you’ve found a second home. But my credibility would be questioned since, being married to Lorenzo of the above mentioned Lorenzo and Freddy, I feel at home for obvious reasons. So you’ll just have to come and see to believe me. Until you do, take a look at this video to get a sneak preview of Monkey Bar Florence (and see if you can spot me!)


Monkey Bar Florence Video:





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  1. Jessica

    That video is great! I cant wait to come back and visit and to check out the bar! :-)

  2. Running Betty

    can you eat a meal here, or is it just for drinks?

    1. Krista

      Hi Betty! Just drinks :)

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