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O’Vesuvio: Don’t Judge a Pizzeria by its Reality Show!


Perhaps you’ve heard of a little pizza place in Florence called O’Vesuvio. It opened last summer at the same time that the Jersey Shore cast was in town, and gave them a little “internship” that you might have seen on tv (although I hope for your sake that you didn’t).

You would think that this would be a tourist trap of the worst kind to avoid, but you would be wrong. Don’t let the cheesy music videos and Jersey Shore laundry fool you, The pizza is amazing. For proof, go on any week day during dinner time and you’ll find it full of Italians of all ages. Orange American Italians or no, the locals approve, and so do I.

pizza in florence

Madonna and laundry, and Locals waiting to order


In contrast to the usually thin-crusted pizza in Florence, here its true Napolitan style, with a thick fluffy crust. A friend of mine who lives in the south came for a visit and said it was the closest to Napolitan pizza that he’d ever eaten outside of Naples (Gusta Pizza is another contender, in my opinion).

neopolitan pizza

Hot out of the pizza oven and ready to fold up and eat!


I usually like to get a simple Margherita, since I like to keep things cheap when I go out for pizza, but some of their specialties, although they can get pricey, are worth it. The last time we went my husband got a pizza that was double layered and filled with ricotta cheese on the inside. Oh. Man. No wonder it was double the price, it was double the pizza!


And if you’re a fan of the thick, fluffly, southern-style pizza, read my post about Gusta Pizza!

Pizzeria O’Vesuvio

Via dei Cimatori 21r
Dine in, Takeaway & Delivery
Hours: 11:00am – 12:30am daily
Phone: 055 285487

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  1. Taylor

    We called it “jersey shore pizza” and I got waited on by jwow (sp?)
    We just stumbled upon it, had no idea of its reality show fame, and all agreed that it was top notch, pure delicious. Mozzarella and tomato-y goodness. I’m salivating just thinking about how seriously perfect it was, the crust and everything. I remember it clear as a bell and would definitely go back! Actually, it’s probably one of my first stops next time I’m in florence. :) thanks for blogging about it! I made my night !!

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