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Yoga in Florence Italy with Shari!

yoga in florence

If you’re looking for Yoga in Florence Italy – Shari is your girl!

…and not just because she can rock peacock pants while doing a handstand in Piazza Santa Croce (although it is a plus)

They say that the best form of exercise you can do is the one that you actually like, for the simple reason that it’s the one you’ll actually stick to. For me, that exercise is yoga. I’ve never been athletic, and although yoga is as challenging as any exercise I’ve done, the miracle is that I actually enjoy it. It’s probably because of the balance between muscle-building and stretching, poses and counter-poses. In the end I feel both relaxed and invigorated – I feel balanced. Ashtanga yoga mirrors the dance that we do every day – there are moments I hate and moments that I love, but in the end every second was worth it.

I started taking yoga classes in Florence from Shari a few months ago, and I love her challenging but fun style. Shari has been practising yoga for over 10 years, and brings her experience and passion to her small group and private classes. With every class that I take I see improvement, and feel a sense of accomplishment (and sore muscles for that matter). The Ashtanga yoga that Shari teaches is a fast-paced series of poses that flow together like a dance. It gets your heart rate up, that much is for sure!


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How it Works:


Since classes are by reservation only, you are guaranteed a small group. This way you know that you will be in a safe environment with personalized attention. Shari is a talented yoga instructor and makes sure that every class is challenging but safe for every participant.

Whether you’re looking for yoga in Florence because you’re here long term, or you’re looking to keep up with your yoga practise while here on vacation, I recommend Sole Yoga Florence with Shari!

Also check out Sole Yoga Holidays for unforgettable yoga retreats in Florence, Morocco and the Amalfi Coasi!


**Shari is a friend of mine, but this post is not sponsored! I recommend Shari’s Yoga classes from personal experience – See you on the mat!**



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  1. Isabella Medici

    Hello Krista,

    What a wonderful website! I’m so pleased to have found it.

    And peacock leggings in the piazza, fantastico!

    I was unaware of yoga in my earlier life. I used to love horseback riding then. (taking, I must admit, some awfully risky jumps!) But today I can entirely agree with you. There is a unique sort of aliveness I find in yoga. In many ways it is such a deeply internal experience, yet I can also feel a sort of metaphysical connection to the sky and stars beyond.

    Best Regards,


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