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Cooking Classes in Florence at Cucina LDM

Recently I was invited to experience the brand new Cucina LDM Cooking School in the newly-renovated top floor of the Mercato Centrale. I had visited the Mercato Centrale previously, and among all the impressive sights there are to see, the expansive wall of glass looking in on the sleek modern cooking school was the most memorable of all. I was excited to get a better look at the sexy stainless steel surfaces, and of course get my hands dirty in a mixing bowl!


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The 16 state-of-the-art workstations  are fully-equiped and even have individual screens that allow every student to follow along with a close-up view of the instructor at the front.

Cooking courses on various themes, from meat or pasta to deserts, last about four hours. Each course begins with a tour of the market, where you’ll meet the vendors and learn about where each ingredient comes from. One thing I love about living in Italy is that eating seasonally and buying locally has been and remains an important part of Italian cuisine. In Italy fresh local food isn’t a new fad, and it doesn’t get more fresh and local than this.


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The cost of the course covers all materials, your apron, a recipe to take home, and of course – wine. A little bit of fun and creativity in the kitchen is always welcome, and sharing a glass of wine is sure to help!

For those short on time or looking for a more informal experience, the Lunch or Dinner With the Chef sessions offer an hour and a half cooking demonstration and meal. The cost covers the demonstration, lunch or dinner with desert and wine, and recipes to take home.


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Not the most professionally-dressed in the room, but I know how to pay attention in class!

After our tour of the market (an instagram addict’s paradise) we made some delicious muffins to take home. With a room full of food and culture bloggers, there were plenty of questions and the chef was impressively knowledgable about all the detailed questions and hypotheticals thrown his way concerning grain, gluten and baking. It was all naturally a little over my head since my main job in the kitchen is opening wine bottles (and even that I sometimes need help with). I like to think I held my own though, and in the end our creation turned out perfectly.


cooking classes in florence italy at mercato centrale cucina ldmOur muffins in the oven!

For more information and to sign up for cooking courses, visit the Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici website.


cucina lorenzo de medici florence italy

Piazza del Mercato Centrale

50123 Firenze

Phone: (+39) 334 3040551




I was a guest at Cucina LDM, but all opinions are, as always, my own!