Egg In Avocado Breakfast

Incepted Breakfast

Its a breakfast inside a breakfast..

I saw this great idea on lifehacker the other day, and I happened to have avocados and eggs around, so I gave it a try. It was easy and turned out great! Next time I would leave them in the oven a little bit less, because the yolk was a bit too cooked. I would also use bigger avocados since, as you can see, there was a little spillage. Other additions to consider: tabasco sauce or a sprinkle of chilli powder to give it a kick, or grated Parmesan cheese because everything + cheese = better. The only problem I can’t fix is that the avocados¬† here don’t compare to the ones from California.

But there you have it! Take out the pit, dig a space, crack the egg and put it in the oven!

egg baked in avocado


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  1. Teri Brown

    I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks!

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