Homemade Cappuccino Foam Without A Machine Recipe

How to Make a Homemade Cappuccino Without a Machine



Ideally to make a Cappuccino you should have a nice coffee machine with a milk steamer, but they can be pretty expensive. Even then, using the steamer is an art form that few successfully perfect. Cappucinos are the Martinis of coffee drinks – simple & delicious with just a couple common ingredients – but very easy to completely ruin.

So, just in case you find yourself in a life or death situation where you absolutely have to make a cappuccino, but you don’t have a milk steamer, here is how you can make a cappuccino without a machine at home:


Make a Cappuccino Without a Machine:

homemade cappuccino without a machine recipe

What You’ll Need:

  • Espresso
  • Milk
  • A Whisk & A Glass
  • Beautiful Coffee Cup (but only if you need to instagram your cappuccino, otherwise any cup will do)


Step 1: Make espresso.

cappuccino without machine recipe

Do it however you always do it. Maybe you have a cool Nespresso machine like me and George Clooney, or maybe you use a Bialetti Moka. If you don’t have an espresso machine, the easiest thing to do is buy a cheap Moka (here in Italy you can find them for a few euro), and some ground illy coffee.

See my Moka Pot Instructions post if you need help making Espresso with the Moka.


Step 2: Heat up milk.

Heat up about half a cup of milk in the microwave or on a stove top until its really hot, but not quite boiling. I put mine in the microwave for one minute.

If you can, it’s best to use a fresh whole milk since it will make a creamier froth.


Step 3: Whip milk into a thick froth with a whisk.

how to make a cappuccino without a machine at home

Take a whisk between the palms of your hands, and whip the milk until you have a thick froth. Ideally you shouldn’t see any big bubbles, so whip for a couple of minutes if you need to.


Step 4: Swirl & Tap.

Swirl the glass in a circle to condense the foam together, and tap it on the counter to pop the bigger bubbles. Repeat swirling and tapping a few times until the foam looks nice and creamy!


Step 4: Pour

cappuccino without a machine recipe

Imeddiatly after one last swirl, pour the milk into the espresso, shaking your wrist side to side a bit to help the foam come out before the rest of the milk. This way it will sit nicely on top of the espresso.

Thats it! Obviously, a cappuccino made with a milk steamer has a much thicker froth, so any self-respecting cappuccino snob will wrinkle their nose at this. That being said, this froth is actually pretty much the same quality as what I get from the Nespresso Aeroccino frother that I have.

The whisk method is a quick and easy substitute for desperate circumstances. The next time you find yourself with only a whisk and a spoon, and someone tells you to make a cappuccino or walk the plank, you’ll thank me.

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  1. angelina la dawn

    awesome! i love coffee so much. and i definitely can’t afford a fancy machine but i’m going to treat myself with this cappuccino tomorrow :)

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  11. Van

    Yum, that looks perfectly delicious. My mom picked up one of those fancy cappuccino machines when we lived in Italy, I’m always tempted to go over there in the night and wisk it back to my tiny apartment…

    …Your version of a “fake” cappuccino may alleviate my desire to do that. For now…

    Cute blog, I’ll certainly follow and be back for more!

  12. Celita

    That is awesome! Before I got an espresso/cappuccino machine, I used to use an immersion blender to froth the milk.
    (And I’d sometimes use chocolate to give it a mocha taste)

    :) Enjoy it.

  13. Claire Castagnera

    Thank you for this! I love cappuccino but definitely can’t afford a machine right now!


  14. SaritaAgerman

    Great tutorial. I love Cappuccino but I dread the looks I’ll get if I order one after noon. Your pretty tutorial is the perfect solution! thank you! Sarita x


    1. Krista Ricchi

      Thanks! Can you believe I learned this when I was working at a hotel? haha!

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  19. Carla

    You’re a lifesaver! Made a delicious cappuccino today! Grazi mille!

  20. Jackie

    Awesome. Wil try my cappuccino today!! Thanks!

  21. lydia

    This worked worked well for me, whisk for ages and its a lot more frothy

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