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Tuscany Now Blogger Meet-up at Villa Il Petroio

This month I had the pleasure of being invited to a blogger meet up hosted by Tuscany Now, who provide villa rentals in Tuscany Italy, at Villa Il Petroio in Rufina. In the midst of this rainy month we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day, full of food, wine, entertainment and conversation. Here are some of the highlights from the day!

About a half hour train ride from Florence and a quick drive through the bumpy windy hills, we arrived at Villa Il Petroio and I was very impressed. The property is one of the villas available to rent for private stays through Tuscany Now, and has two large houses each with a swimming pool, all surrounded by vineyards (the wine from which was quite good, incidentally). In total the villa can house about twelve people, and a second Villa on the estate can hold an additional 16. The room where our event was held was perfect for both formal dinners or relaxing evenings spent around my dream fireplace. Destination wedding or family reunion, anyone?

bruschetta, cheese and wine


I won’t make you jealous with detailed descriptions of all the food that we enjoyed (risotto with porcini mushrooms and wild boar – enough said!). We drank plenty of the wine produced by the estate and I was reminded of why Tuscan food really is unbeatable.


villa il petroio ruffina


Entertainment was provided by the group Gli Amici di Chainti, and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for any party that needs a little (or a lot) extra fun. Suffice to say that there was lots of innuendo, drinking of wine, forced dancing, and wigs. That look on his face in the picture on the right? “You’re next!”


Tiramisu and chocolate


I managed to find the strength to taste the tiramisu, fudge and hot chocolate forced on us near the end :)

If all of that weren’t enough, we also had some adorable furry friends for the day. The puppy on the right made me regret not bringing a bigger purse. I think he was tired enough by the end of the day to stay quiet while being kidnapped.

If the one beautiful Saturday we spent at Villa Il Petroio with Tuscany Now is any indication, and I think it is, I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a unique and personalized stay in a beautiful villa in Tuscany!


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    Best saturday ever, can we please do this again someday? :-)

    1. Krista Ricchi

      Yes please!! I need more of this in my life

  2. Bonnie Rose

    I would so like to go there for a family vacation or a group meet up. Looks lovely!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

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