Happy 150th, Italy!

Today, March 17th, is the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification!

In Florence we’ve been celebrating since last night with fireworks in Piazza Signoria, and museums open (and free) until 1am!

But no matter where you are, you can celebrate with a cappuccino, dream of Fiat 500s zipping around tuscany, or read this great article from the Florentine, a local English publication, about what unites (and divides) Italians.

And happy St Patrick’s day, too!

Cebrate with some minty green treats, like these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Grasshopper Cocktail (and don’t forget a guiness, of course!)

Aaand happy birthday to the man who changed my life by pouring me a drink in an Irish pub in Italy!* (How much luckier can one day get??)

*my husband, by the way.. in case you were confused.

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