Memories of Paris

One of the things I neglected to blog about last year was the trip to Paris that my husband and I took for our first anniversary. I took lots of lovely pictures with my point and shoot, but some of my favorites are actually the ones I snapped with my phone. Somehow they feel more spontaneous and intimate. They show a cross section of the things that caught my eye and made me stop – the things that I just had to share on Twitter and Instagram right away! They couldn’t wait and just be part of the photo album; they stand alone as little visual diary entries.
Here are my favorites..
Parisian Treats
We stopped in the evening at a sidewalk cafè for a coffee, and enjoyed the sunset and view of Notre Dame. As much as I was anxious to drink my coffee, I had to take a picture of the perfect whipped cream. 
Another day we stopped at Laudreè and had a cup of tea. The store was unbelievably busy but I snapped this picture of the macaroon display. The perfect round shape and playful pastel colors made me feel like I was in Wonderland!
The Eiffel Tower & The Louvre
I had been to Paris for a weekend once before, and one of my biggest regrets was somehow missing out on seeing the Eiffel tower at night, so our first night there we had to go soak in all of its sparkly beauty! The Eiffel tower is famously photogenic, but when its right in front of you it feels like trying to bottle sunlight.
We weren’t up to taking on the Louvre this time, but we did catch a wonderful sunset in Cour Napoléon outside the palace.
Parisian Food
My favorite area to eat in was the lively Latin District. We had plenty of French onion soup (one of my favorites), and I even tried Escargot! It didn’t taste bad, but I didn’t eat too many…

 Palace of Versailles
My second biggest regret from my first trip to Paris (after missing the Eiffel tower all lit up) was not seeing the gardens of Versailles, so we remedied that as well. My favorite part was Marie Antoinette’s Estate. Inside is a tiny village of adorable cottages and farm animals. This shot of some of the wildlife there is one of my favorites.
The last regret I had during my first visit to Paris was not being in love while I was there. It felt like the last missing piece to a weekend in the city of lights. Going back for my first anniversary was the perfect reprise. We had a great weekend exploring Paris in all its springtime glory. Every once in a while I scroll back in the photos on my phone and relive these little memories. Paris is a city I could go back to again and again, and now that I’m a tour guide its not out of the question! You can come with, if you want ;)

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    Your trip to Paris looks beautiful! When I traveled to Italy I always regretted not going to France as well. I would love to see Versailles! Hope one day I can make it there. :)

    P.S. – Glad to see you back in the blog world!

  2. Taylor

    hi krista! i am a new follower of your blog, it’s beautiful. i met you on one of the bus 2 alps trips last summer! it was florence 2 amalfi coast. one of the best times of my life! can’t wait to go back and see more beautiful european places. paris sounds amazing!

    1. Krista

      Hey Taylor! Yeah, I remember you. The Amalfi Coast is my favorite. Hope to see you in Europe again one day!

  3. Jessica

    Wow. That looks like a fabulous trip.

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