Sunday Snapshot: Cat Nap

sleeping cat

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  1. Jordan

    Aww, too cute!

  2. Laura

    I need one of these.. “cap naps” after a long night w/ the baby.. haha. I’m coming from FTLB!


  3. Stacie

    Hopped from FTLOB. You really do a beautiful job with the images…. makes me think I should be spending a little more effort on mine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tonya the Hobo Girl

    Hi, I’m from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    Your banner is beautiful. I’m allergic to cats so I love cat photos more than most people. I don’t sneeze. :)

  5. d'Artagnan

    What a beautiful space you have here! Greetings from Iowa! *waves.


  6. Cindy

    What a perfect thing to do on a Sunday!

  7. Remy


  8. Cynthia's Blog

    Awe….Sunday naps, such a nice thing. Love the lighting in your photo.

  9. Fickle Cattle

    Too cute! Now I want a nap, hahaha!

    Fickle Cattle

  10. parenting articles

    that is so cute~ :3

    parenting articles

  11. neyobrown1219

    i love these! ;)

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