Tips For Beating Jet Lag

Top Three Tips for Beating Jet Lag


I came across this great illustration Outlining tips for overcoming jet lag on Secret Tips From the Yumiverse. While I can’t say that I would have the foresight or organizational skills to follow the “Before Your Flight” section (I usually don’t even think about where my suitcase is until the night before!), it’s still great advice, and the during and after sections are easy enough to keep in mind. If you don’t want to spend your vacation tried and disoriented, becoming an expert on beating jet lag is a must.

My Top Three Tips for Beating Jet lag:


1. Mind Over Matter

After switching time zones, you’ll be tempted to think about what time it is back home, and what you would be doing.  Its a little bit unavoidable if you have to call loved ones and don’t want to wake them up / scare the crap out of them with a 3am phone call, but try to think about it as little as possible. When you look at your watch (or cell phone, lets be realistic). Don’t start thinking “I would just be waking up and about to eat breakfast” or you’ll mentally stay in your previous other time zone. Instead, take it at face value! It says 2pm? Cool, then its 2pm and you’re doing 2pm things and thinking 2pm thoughts.


2. No Napping!

Whatever you do, do not take a nap. Its not bedtime until its bedtime (see above). You may think you deserve it after your long trip, but you’ll regret it will only make your jetlag last longer and you’ll regret it when you’re laying awake in bed. You don’t want to get over jet lag just in time to go home.


3. Hydration:

I definitely agree with the illustration on this one! The recirculated air on planes can dry you out so stay hydrated. Water is essential and vitamin-rich juices such as tomato juice are great too.


How do you overcome jetlag when you travel?