Summer In Amsterdam

Travel Tuesday: Summer in Amsterdam


Hello Alla Fiorentina readers! I’m Rachael from Let’s Be Adventurers, a blog about everything and anything to do with travel as I blog from my favorite city and home for the last 4 years: Amsterdam :)

I always recommend Amsterdam as one of the first stop’s for any trip to Europe, I completely fell in love with this place on my first trip here. When the rainclouds clear, the city morphs into a beautiful, cozy backdrop for outdoorsy activities, bars and long summer nights. With so much rain year-round, the Dutch people really know how to celebrate a warm sunny day.

My absolute favorite activity in Amsterdam is to grab a bottle of wine, some friends and dangle my feet over the edge of the canal to watch the lights glisten off of the water as the sun sets.

Leave your museum tickets behind, rent a bike and hit the town! Here are some of my absolute favorite things to do in Amsterdam in the summer.

Thanks for having me, Krista! Come by Let’s Be Adventurers anytime to get your travel bug itchin’ :).


amsterdam bicycles

bikes in amsterdam

amsterdam boating

boating amsterdam canal

amsterdam vondelpark

amsterdam hammocks

eating in amsterdamsummer in amsterdam

amsterdam canals

boating canal

houses in amsterdam


waterfront drinking amsterdam

amsterdam in the summer

outdoor movies in amsterdam

amsterdam at night
summer sunset amsterdam
Summer in Amsterdam looks beautiful – who wants to go with me?? Like maybe right now..
Thanks Rachael for the beautiful post!

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  1. Taylor

    That last picture is stunning…like, award winning! I love the reflecting lights on the water! So gorg, amsterdam is def on my top 10 must sees. At least in euro. :)

  2. Alexandra

    Looks like a lot of fun! Great photos, love the graphic text on them.

  3. Aspiring Kennedy

    Any place where you can spend about 90% of your time near the water is the perfect place to be during summer!

  4. A and B

    I love amsterdam! This post definitely makes me want to head back ASAP!

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