Gnocchi Mac And Cheese - Fake Italian Food

Crimes Against Italian Food: Who Took the Mac out of Mac & Cheese?


If you’ve spent any time in Italy, or even any time in an Italian restaurant that isn’t Olive Garden, you know that not all food labelled “Italian” actually came from Italy. In a way its natural that there will be some differences. The Italian phrases that you learned from your uncle Tony might be a little confusing to the locals when you go on your first trip back to the old country. These things happen, because language and traditions, like species, diverge when separated by time and distance.

Having said that, there is no excuse for this crime against Italian Food.


gnocchi mac & cheese


One day this showed up on my Pinterest feed. Looks delicious, right? Yes, but look at the description. There are only two requirements for a dish to be called “Mac & Cheese.” One is “Mac” and one is “Cheese.” Can you guess which requirement this dish violates?

If you guessed “Mac,” you win the Level 0 Italian Culture Badge, because it doesn’t take an Italian to remember that “Mac” is short for “Macaroni.” Gnocchi is not only not Macaroni, its not even pasta.


fake italian food


Ok, so Spaghetti is a kind of pasta, but still not Macaroni. The sad thing is that this pin takes you to Better Homes & Gardens, and I don’t even think this is user-generated content.

I’m surprised that there’s any confusion here, but apparently there is, so I propose we implement a two-step process for naming potential “Mac & Cheese” dishes. Lets say you’ve created a recipe, or you’re about to repin one and want to make sure that your pins are authentic Italian dishes. Just follow these two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Does this dish have a cheese sauce? If yes, proceed to step 2, it might be Mac & Cheese. If no, do not proceed. This is not Mac & Cheese.
  • Step 2: Is this dish made with Macaroni? If yes, congratulations! You’ve made or are repinning Mac & Cheese. If no, think again. This is not Mac & Cheese.


Pin with Caution. Together we can stop crimes against Italian Food.


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  1. leela.cyd

    omg, this post made me laugh! so so good.

    1. Krista Ricchi

      Thanks Leela! I loved your instagrams of Portugal the past few weeks :)

  2. Blicious

    HAHAHAH! Love this! I just found your blog by being home on a saturday night and playing online. I recently moved to Florence with my husband and 2 cats! We have so much in common! Hope to run in to you one day! :) It’s so hard not knowing anyone yet. Hence the being home on a saturday. sighhh

  3. Francesca Fantoni

    Great job Krista! Really amazing! :-)

  4. Taylor


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