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After Christmas I decided to splurge with some of my Christmas money and get the DODOcase iPad cover that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Make no mistake, starting at about $60, a DODOcase is definitely a splurge and there are much more affordable cases around if you’re just looking to keep your iPad from getting scratched.

But I really really wanted my iPad to look like a book!


dodcase ipad cover


I did the Build-a-DODO option and went with a neutral exterior of two-toned grey with a pop of bright orange inside. I also went for the optionals like a camera hole, even though I don’t take many pictures with my iPad, and our last name debossed on the spine. There are lots of fun options like polka dots, chevrons and bright colors, but this is the iPad that my husband and I share after all, so I went for a more classic look that he can be proud to carry around as well.


dodocase ipad cover


functional ipad case


The after-Christmas rush of orders meant that I had to wait a few weeks, but it was definitely worth it. Its a simple and elegantly-designed product that makes no sacrifices of function for form, or vice versa. The elastic strap keeps it closed and has a plastic piece to keep it upright in landscape mode, all buttons are easily accessible and the iPad stays securely in place in the bamboo frame.

Most importantly, IT LOOKS LIKE A BOOK!

ipad dodocase


The people at DODOcase call it “the Rolls Royce of iPad covers,” and I think this sums it up nicely. Do you need it to get from point a to point b? Of course not. But its really stylish and fun to have with a serious “wow factor” when you drive down the street.



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  1. Anna/Academic Troll Blog

    That is a really cute iPad case! I always liked the aesthetics of Moleskin notebooks, and this one makes an iPad look similar.

    1. Krista Ricchi

      I love Moleskin notebooks too! As much as I’ve tried to use my iPhone for jotting down notes, there’s nothing like pen on paper

  2. Anna

    I must agree -and I love to browse my old notebooks :)

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