Moving with Kitties

Last week, we FINALLY moved. It feels great to be moving forward with our lives, and to be out of the old apartment. I’m usually a little bit heartbroken whenever I leave any place – an apartment, house, dorm room – for good. I get especially attached to physical buildings and moving is always an emotional process. I can easily say that this was the least sad I have ever been to leave a place behind. I was a bit sad, because it was our first apartment together and the place where we brought our kitties home and he had carried me over the threshold after we got married – his idea, not mine :)
But we had been planning on moving for, well… almost the whole time we lived there. Since early this year we had been thinking about it vaguely and since August actively searching for a new place. Anyway, after going though a lot of trouble and living amongst boxes for a month and a half (and completely renouncing even the thought of cleaning), I was more than ready.
I don’t think our cats felt the same way. During the week that we were actively taking things to the new place, Ruby (the orange one) cried constantly. And this picture from the day of the move pretty much captures everything…

Cats in a crate on Moving Day

They were the last step of the move. After much shoving of frantic kitty limbs and faces, we somehow managed to get them both into the only carrier we have (it was much more functional when they were about ten times smaller).
Day 1: They would not exit the carrier. I tried to lure them out with food, but ruby would only eat it when it was physically inside the carrier and he didn’t have to step even one paw outside. They stayed huddled in the back as pictured.
Day 2: Sometime in the middle of the night, they came out and burrowed under our blankets down by our feet. This made for a very hot nights’ sleep, because we also didn’t know how to control the heater yet. They refused to come out for almost a full 24 hours.
Day 3: Ruby ventures out for a cuddle and to tentatively explore. They both ended up coming out, and after a while started eating and doing their business.
They were still nervous for a couple of days but are almost back to normal now. For a few days Ruby seemed to think of our long narrow kitchen as a long narrow tunnel of death, and reacted accordingly. But he had incentive to get over it because that’s also where the food is.
Anyway, more posts to come! Internet is spotty here (oh stolen internet connection, I’ll miss you the most), so that and unpacking are my excuses.


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  1. giaghani

    Congratulations on the new place! I have the cutest mental image of your kitties as you described them but I’m happy to hear that they’re also feeling more comfortable now!

    Best Wishes! :)

  2. ashleynichole

    Oh my gosh, that is the cutest picture! I had to share it with all my coworkers :)

    I’m a new follower, hope you’ll follow back!

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