Spring, Jasmine, and Acid-washed leggings

Spring is here in Florence, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The days are getting longer and the season of sundresses and sandals has finally arrived.

Its spring-cleaning time in the bar where my Fiance works, so yesterday I went through some of the lost items with him. Over the years we’ve gotten some awesome things – cameras, scarves (lots of scarves), a sombrero… but yesterday was the find of a lifetime. Somewhere in the world there is a person who not only bought a pair of acid-washed leggings, but then proceeded to leave them in a bar, hanging with the rest of the abandoned scarves.
Where do I start… was this person wearing acid-washed leggings as a scarf? Did they take off their pants in the bar? Which is worse? Maybe half-way through the night he or she realized how terrible they looked and had an emergency wardrobe change. I think this is probably the best-case scenario.
In other news, The past few days I have been pleasantly surprised when walking up my building’s stairwell, which smelled like sewage throughout the entire winter, but suddenly and inexplicably is filled with the scent of jasmine. I noticed that my apartment is filled with it as well if I leave any windows open, and today while watering my roses I found the obvious source:

Why, a jasmine forest, of course!
What have I learned from this: 1. I love my neighbors, 2. I want jasmine plants, and 3. Remember to look up sometimes, especially if you live in the city. You can miss things if you stick with eye-level only.
But seriously, acid-washed leggings?

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