Vintage Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Cameras


Lately I’ve been seeing polaroids and polaroid-style images cropping up all over the place. Nostalgia seems to be growing around this fantastic old technology, and I’m no exception! Recently my husband and I discovered his grandfather’s old polaroid cameras and saved them from the attic…

Polaroid 1000


This 1000 model was cracked all along the top, and after a test run seemed to be letting light into the exposure. So… we duct taped it. As you can see. Making it look very sad and pathetic. Still, the pictures were out of focus, presumably some internal damage from the same fall that caused the cracks.


A few days later I stumbled on a store here in Florence selling refurbished polaroids (I may go back to replace the broken 1000 model…) next to the handmade belts and watch straps. Why? We’ll never know. In any case, the prices were good and I snatched up this folding 600 model. I haven’t tested it yet because I need to get my hands on some 600 film.




This one is the oldest and by far my favorite. Aside from a bit of discoloration from rust that you can see, its seems to be in great condition. Its the most versatile in terms of settings (it even has a timer on the back), so I would love the chance to master it, but I can’t seem to find find film that fits in it.

Of course, film is a huge issue for all of them. I tried the sx-70 film from The Impossible Project, but it isn’t working very well for me. Its very sensitive to temperature and light exposure, so I don’t think I’ll be buying any more until they improve their product. Should I splurge and buy the discontinued film from ebay? Its pretty expensive…
Has anyone else tried the film from The Impossible Project? Does the original Polaroid film usually work well even past the expiration date?


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    Very vintage & fun! Look how much the cameras have changed! Amazing.
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  2. blueviolet

    Those are really cool! I was sad when Polaroids went away… Happy W/W!

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    I can’t believe they quit making that stuff!
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  4. Bo

    Following you through Welcome Wednesday :D Those pictures are awesome!

  5. Jen

    I have not thought about Polaroids in years. It kind of sad that my kids have no idea what that type of camera is.

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  9. Jen

    I had one, once, so funny how I thought this was the most amazing camera at one point! lol

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    I found you on tuesday tag along, I miss Polaroids, i had one in high school and it was always so much fun! I miss it!

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  21. Laura

    I miss those old polaroid cameras and that instant print.

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  22. Brandi

    I have an old polaroid camera, but I’ve yet to use it. For one, I don’t have film. The other problem is that I can’t figure out how to open and close the thing. Sigh. Soon, very soon.

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